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Welcome to my website

I hope that you will look at my photographs and read about my philanthropy.

I try to combine my passion for making a positive difference with innovation & creativity. I'm aiming to be a Digital Force for Change. Fundraising is my obsession. I want to raise a million pounds.

I voluntarily collect unique and priceless donations for charity events. Each year I try to support sick and terminally ill children. I connect British charities with international donors. Objects of desire have enabled me to raise funds and awareness.

I've spent 18 years fundraising. My goal is to change lives one donation at a time. I've raised in excess of £225,000 for various British charities. I also won Vodafone World of Difference twice.

Inspiring & motivating people to support good causes has become my mission in life.

As a photographer I've worked at hundreds of events and parties. My images are published in magazines, newspapers and are regularly shared via social media websites.




Richard C Barker

Tel: +44 (0) 79 4013 3059


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